What is Sunshine 4 ALL?

My name is Simon Haskins and I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in June of 2013. This is a very rare blood cancer that has a very long and difficult road to recovery. As part of my journey I would like to try and do something to raise awareness about blood cancers and money for The Leukaemia Foundation to support those with this horrible disease and hopefully we will one day have a cure.

My idea is for the Jenny Haskins, quilting and machine embroidery communities to help me with this project by making an 8″ x 8″ quilt block that will be used to make quilts which will then be auctioned to raise money or given to a child who has ALL. The response that I have had so far has been overwhelming. So many people have jumped on board to make a quilt block, most people have made more than one block with some people making 20 blocks or more!

The awareness colour for Leukaemia is orange. So with that in mind I would like quilt blocks made in orange, with a splash of pink and yellow for good measure.

Anyone can be involved with Sunshine 4 ALL. I will be undergoing treatment for the next two to three years so we will have heaps of time to get this done and I am hoping that by end of my treatment we all will be able to celebrate my cure with an exhibition of all the finished quilts and raise money to find a cure for ALL.

Make sure you read the Guidelines page to get all the logistical information you need to make a block or two and participate in this amazing cause – Sunshine 4 ALL

I would like to express a HUGE MASSIVE thank you from me to everyone and anyone who becomes involved in Sunshine 4 ALL. Make sure you mention this to your local sewing store or guild and we can really start to make a difference.

Pictures of finished blocks and quilts will be posted to the Gallery. So make sure you visit regularly to see what other people have made and maybe it will inspire you to make another block and contribute more to Sunshine 4 ALL.

Sunshine 4 ALL has been an incredible avenue of support to me as I battle ALL and undergo treatment and chemotherapy. On my very worst days Sunshine 4 ALL has helped me to smile and gain strength to continue and move forward towards the goal of being cured from this cancer and hopefully one day gaining the precious gift of a normal life.