Guidelines and Information.

  • Finished size of quilt blocks is 8” x 8” (20.32cm x 20.32cm)
  • Cut size of quilt blocks to be 8 ½” x 8 ½” (21.59cm x 21.59cm). This is to allow me to use a ¼ foot to piece the blocks.
  • Quilt block tops ONLY. No additional batting, stabilizer or interfacing. This will make piecing the quilts easier, faster and flatter seams. Quilt block tops only will cut down on the cost of shipping as they will be less bulky and weigh less.
  • I plan to have the quilts quilted on a long arm quilting machine. DO NOT SEND QUILTED BLOCKS TO BE PIECED AND JOINED WITH THE JENNY JOIN PLEASE.
  • DO NOT CUT DOWN THE BLOCKS TO 8” X 8”.They will be too small to piece. Please follow the cutting requirements listed in points one and two.
  • The main colour of the quilts will be orange as orange is the colour of Leukaemia Awareness.
  • Additional colours that can be used are pink and yellow.
  • Plain muslin or calico can be used as the base for the block
  • Any block made will be used. We will not discriminate.
  • Please include your name, address and contact details with your block. If your block has a name or the inspiration behind the block please include it with your block and any other information you would like to include and if you are dedicating your block to anyone. Please download, print and complete the Contact Sheet for each block you make
  • Please sign your block in the bottom left hand corner with an appropriate permanent archive pen.
  • If you would like to make more than one block please make as many as you like.
  • If your local sewing/quilting store or quilting guild would like to be involved please let me know and we will endeavour to promote it through social media and Facebook. Try to make and event out of it.
  • Please get your friends, family, children and grandchildren involved. Leukaemia affects everyone and is the number one cancer in children.
  • If your children or grandchildren go to pre-school or day care perhaps you could ask the centre if they would like to be involved. I already know of 2 centres that are participating and the kids are painting blocks. Some as sunshine blocks and others as hand prints. The options are endless.
  • Please visit FAQ on where to send your blocks.
  • This is a work in progress and nothing is set in stone. My hope is that this is an enjoyable, uplifting and motivating experience. If at any stage you feel stressed or this becomes a burden please stop. My motto in classes is ‘Finished Is Better Than Perfect’ and that is something that I will continue with ‘Sunshine 4 ALL’.
  • I have to confess that this has a slight selfish window for me. My treatment is to run for two years or longer and this project will be a wonderful distraction for me and hopefully will motivate me on my darkest days and remind me of all the wonderful people who have donated their time and have given me the precious gift or love and support.
  • Contact details for Sunshine 4 ALL are:

‘Sunshine for ALL’ – The Leukaemia Quilt Project

Simon Haskins
6 Braefield Place
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Ph: +61418136143


  • For any other information or questions please hit me up on Facebook or email me at
  • Finally……..THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. And if anyone has any wacky socks that you want to send me and wear please do. I will wear them and take a pic and post them on my Facebook page.

Additional Guidelines for Children’s Crib Quilts

  • The main colour of blocks is still orange but any additional colours can be used. I would like the blocks to be bright and cheerful. Please remember that both boys and girls can get Leukaemia so blocks for both girls and boys will be needed.
  • As these will be crib sized quilts 48” x 32” (121.9cm x 81.3cm) and the quilting will simply be stitch in the ditch. PLEASE DO NOT SEND QUILTED BLOCKS.